Today Has Not Been Such A Good Day

Today Has Not Been Such A Good Day

After yesterday’s post, I guess it was only fate which would determine that today would not be a good day. Okay, do not get me wrong, today has not been a dreadful day and certainly not a tragic one on a par with those people affected by earthquakes in Italy.

Today has been a difficult day because we have had to take one of our cats, Percival, to the vet.


He, it seems, had been involved in an altercation with another animal and been injured. We suspect the culprit may have been another cat but a squirrel, fox or rabbit could equally be suspect. The result of the dispute has been a few scratches and a nasty bite on the side. This bite has become infected, which is why we have taken him to the vet. It seems he will need some treatment to reduce the swelling and the dead tissue inside. Fingers crossed.

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