It’s nearly national novel writing month (Nanowrimo) and I’m thinking of giving it another go. The last time, in fact the only time, I had a go at it, was 2 or 3 years ago and I failed miserably; producing barely 10,000 words of incoherent gibberish ( is there any other form of gibberish?)

So why do I want to give it a go again?

Two reasons. It is a challenge and I really want to develop my writing skills.

It’s a challenge and I often like a challenge, especially a challenge that stretches me mentally.

I really want to develop my writing skills. I recall being a schoolboy and being praised for my writing. Not the physical script of my writing, that remains as dreadful today as it did back then, but for the creativity of my writing. I recall in those days always writing a lot, more than the target set by the teacher. Thinking back, that may simply have been a bad case of verbal diarrhoea (thank you, spell checker) . Even so, the desire and ability to write is something that has remained latent since those schooldays.

My hope is that Nanowrimo can kickstart or reignite my enthusiasm for writing.

I do not expect to get a novel out of it. In fact, I think few people who attempt it, actually do end up with a novel. I feel it is the sheer challenge of writing so much, which is the greatest benefit.

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