IT Bristol

IT Trainer
Bristol City Council
Promoting smarter working through technology.
As an IT trainer working with the council, I am involved in supporting the adoption of smarter working practices using technology. The council is deploying laptop and communication technologies to its workers, while also reducing office space and the number of buildings owned or rented. My work is central in deploying laptops, training staff in setting up and using laptops for both office and remote use, while also promoting the use of applications for remote working, collaboration and electronic documentation.
My work is facilitated through running training sessions prior to deployment and site moves, visits to teams at their current sites and development of support and enhancement training materials to embed further advanced use of technology.
Key applications included, Microsoft Office, Lync, Alfresco (Electronic Document Management), OneNote (for collaboration and note taking),  and Scanning software to convert current physical paper assets.
Training is provided to staff plus additional course design and material creation for ‘self-service’ and specialist training.